IMS Article on a Digital Twin Framework for Shop Floor Design Published in Manufacturing Letters

Professor Jay Lee, former IMS PhD researcher Dr. Behrad Bagheri and current PhD researcher Moslem Azamfar have published a paper in the January 2021 issue of Manufacturing Letters. This paper focuses on how Digital Twins can be utilized in a CPS for sustainable, reliable, and predictable manufacturing process design at every level. This framework builds upon existing research in Digital Twins for process design by feeding back historical monitoring data.

A fully abstract of this article can be seen below.


Digital Twin and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are gaining popularity due to their significant impacts on the realization of smart manufacturing within which data and information from different systems is used to increase self-awareness, self-predict, and self-configure functionalities. Throughout the integration of digital twins with CPS, intelligent virtual counterparts are created that represent the behavior of the physical systems and provide predictive insights for advanced decision making. This article provides a systematic framework to integrate digital twins of different perspectives of a shop floor design from unit level, system implementation, cyber-physical integration, and business application all together into an end-to end design solution. We propose a time machine approach to utilize the historical data into the process of digital twin design and implementation and provide a simplified approach to evaluate the suitability of different designs for a given set of tasks and applications.

The full-text of this article is available here.

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Professor Jay Lee
Cyrus Azamfar
Behrad Bagheri