IMS Center Researchers Win First Foxconn Industrial AI Data Challenge

Researchers from the IMS Center at the University of Cincinnati have won the first ever Foxconn Industrial AI Data Challenge. Members of this winning team consisted of Research Assistant Professor Xiaodong Jia and PhD Graduate Student Researchers Wenzhe Li, Yuan-Ming Hsu, Shaojie Yang and Haoshu Cai.

The Foxconn Industrial AI Data Challenge sought to bring together experts in the areas of Prognostics and Health Management, Predictive Maintenance, Machine Learning, and AI to develop a method that can predict the remaining useful life of a machine tool cutting tool. To learn more about this competition, you can visit that IAI Institute website here.

Further details about the method developed were presented at the IMS Center's recent 36th Industry Advisory Board Meeting.

For more information about the IMS Center's other achievements, please visit our awards section here.  

Benefits & Impacts

The method developed in this competition provides flexible, broadly applicable, and robust remaining useful life estimation. This method is ideal for industrial application as it can deliver remaining useful life estimation without the need for an abundance of historical data, which is often lacking in such applications. In addition, this method can incorporation additional sources of information, such as expert kowledge.


Featured in this Article
Dr. Xiaodong Jia
Wenzhe Li
Shaojie Yang
Yuan-Ming Hsu
Haoshu Cai