IMS Paper on A Blockchain Enabled Cyber-Physical System Architecture for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems Published in Manufacturing Letters

Manufacturing Letters has published a paper by Professor Jay Lee, PhD Researcher Cyrus Azamfar and Post-doctoral Fellow Dr. Jaskaran Singh of the IMS Center titled A Blockchain Enabled Cyber-Physical System Architecture for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems in the April 2019 volume of SME Manufacturing Letters.

This paper can be downloaded Here.

Blockchain Enabled Cyber-Physical System Architecture for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing Letters, Volume 20, April 2019, 34-35

Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPSs) are complex manufacturing systems which aim to integrate and synchronize machine world and manufacturing facility to the cyber computational space. However, having intensive interconnectivity and a computational platform is crucial for real-world implementation of CPPSs. In this paper, the potential impacts of blockchain technology in development and realization of real-world CPPSs are discussed. A unified three-level blockchain architecture is proposed as a guideline for researchers and industries to clearly identify the potentials of blockchain and adapt, develop, and incorporate this technology with their manufacturing developments towards Industry 4.0.

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