Professor Lee Highlights the Importance of Industrial AI and Stream of Quality (SoQ) in interview with The Innovator

Professor Lee, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Strategic Intelligence Section, was recently interviewed by The Innovator, a Paris-based digital media content creator. In this interview, Professor Lee discusses the importance of AI deployment and Stream-of-Quality (SoQ) throughout industry. He highlights the need for making data both explainable and understandable as a baseline for applying industrial AI and SoQ to achieve worry-free manufacturing.

"SoQ integrates product quality using a blockchain-based information stream from various stages of manufacturing to increase the accuracy of performance predictions, prevent common failures and increase the traceability of process-to-process relationships."

- Professor Jay Lee

The concept of SoQ focuses on addressing issues in production that directly affect yield. SoQ development requires techniques that can advance the capabilities to identify and “react” to root causes of yield excursions and variability, and eventually “predict” and “prevent” them. More recently research has focused on developing new methodologies in a DT framework to support dynamic integration modeling and prediction capabilities across the factory to provide a stream-of-Quality (SoQ) solution.
To read the full interview, please visit The Innovator here. To learn more about SoQ and its potential impact in industry, you can read Professor Lee's article on the topic in Manufacturing Letters here.
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