The IMS Center is focused on translating academic research into mature, deployable and impactful technologies for industrial applications. The Center's focus is on cutting edge research in Cybermanufacturing, Machine Learning, Industrial AI, Industry 4.0 and IoT, among others. With experience in over 100 projects for over 100 companies worldwide, the Center has delivered $846.7 million in value as of 2012 to it's members based on an independent report commissioned by the National Science Foundation which also found the IMS Center to be the most impactful Industry/University Cooperative Research Center.
Maintenance AI seeks to build upon the key areas that the Center has pioneered over the past 20 years, including predictive maintenance, remaining useful life estimation, degradation assessment, and intelligent maintenance. Unmet challenges in these areas will be solved by developing new methodologies and “rapid learning” tools, as well as standardized and secure approaches to sharing key data and information for large scale assets, geographically distributed assets, across an entire enterprise, and even across an industry to accelerate outcomes, broaden applicability, and improve solution accuracy.
The IMS Center has been at the forefront of the application of machine learning and AI in the discreet and process manufacturing, most notably in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Many challenges still exist in measuring, estimating and predicting process variables, as well as in tying estimations or measurements to optimal control of the process to ensure improved quality. The Center will investigate and develop new methods and tools for tackling these challenges, with a focus on complex systems, as well as large scale, and geographically distributed systems.

Services Provided

  • Center Membership (Required)
  • Visiting Scholar Program
  • Technical & Hands on Training (in Python or Matlab)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • State-of-the-Art & Literature Review
  • Data Analysis
  • AI-driven Model Development
  • Software Proof-of-Concept Development

Research Products